Understand how to reduce oxygen in the body

Understand how to reduce oxygen in the body

Understand how to reduce oxygen in the body

Whether the coronavirus patient is at home or in the hospital, the most important thing at this time is to monitor him closely. Notice if the level of concentration of oxygen in his blood is decreasing. Oxygen levels in healthy people range from 95 to 98 percent. Oxygen cylinder best price in Dhaka BD. Open 24/7 hours for Service, sale.

How much oxygen is in a cylinder?

The device that measures the concentration of oxygen in the blood and the speed of the heartbeat is called the pulse oximeter. Even without this device, the condition of the lungs can be understood through a small test.

The patient should first exhale the air inside the chest with his mouth. Then slowly inhale and exhale deeply through the nose. If you have trouble holding your breath for 7 seconds, then the oxygen level has dropped to 95 percent. And if you have trouble holding your breath for 5 seconds, then you have to understand that the level of oxygen in the blood is 90 percent.

How long does an oxygen cylinder last?

The second week is important for patients with corona. Many people have symptoms of pneumonia at this time. Coughing as well as breathing problems. Chest pain or pressure may be felt during deep or long breaths. These are signs of infectious inflammation of the lungs.

Many times in the beginning the patient does not understand the lack of oxygen. Divya seems healthy-normal. This is called ‘silent hypoxia’.

Decreased oxygen in the blood increases respiratory rate (more than 24 per minute). Increased heart rate (over 100 beats per minute), chest pain, and breathing problems. This results in a lack of oxygen to various parts of the body, the nervous system, and even the brain. At this time, dizziness, feeling very weak, a little hard work, or walking problems. These are the symptoms of low oxygen levels in the blood.

If the level of oxygen is too low, the lips and skin of the patient become blue. At this time the patient should be told to lie down on his back and breathe loudly. There are some benefits to this. This is because a large part of the lungs can easily breathe and the blood can easily absorb oxygen. Contact the hospital or doctor immediately.

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